This Blog Is Now Open Source!

My personal blog is now open source, and hosted on GitHub.

30 November 2015 by Martin Costello |
30 November 2015 by Martin Costello

TL;DR - This blog is now hosted on!

I set up this blog a while ago (March 2014 to be specific) and up until now it has been hosted in my Visual Studio Team Services (formerly Visual Studio Online, neƩ TFS Online) account, which effectively made this blog closed-source as VSTS is private.

However there's nothing sensitive in here anymore, and given that I wrote a whole blog post about porting to Middleman I thought I'd push the whole repo (and its history) into the public eye to lay it bare for the world to see. I've gotten quite into open source and Git over the last 18 months or so, therefore the natural choice for me was to put it onto GitHub.

I know I don't post blog posts often (work, life, Netflix and now Star Wars: Battlefront often get in the way), but for anyone vaguely interested in the technology behind it, it's now all open on GitHub.

And to round things off, here's the source code for this very post :)